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Use IHR BÜRO – recognize your advantages!

Your advantages by IHR BÜRO

  •  central location
  • excellent accessibility by car or puplic transportation
  • representative office building
  • high quality furnished offices
  • professional front desk
  • variable leasing contract with individually adaptable leasing term
  • upmarket High-Tech equipment (High-Speed Internet, fiber optic connection etc.)
  • perfect opportunities for “networking”, because you will find some different industries in our business center
  • space require is individually changeable
  • price advantages for suppliers in different industries
  • secretary staff available at anytime
  • multilingual secretarial
  • directly using adjacent areas without any cost for maintenance
  • additional services used are bookable anytime

Your disadvantages, if you decide against IHR BÜRO

  • long time for searching for suitable office space
  • budget will massive charged by infrastructure costs
  • long rental time for office space (10 years or more)
  • long contract duration by leasing of infrastructure
  • enourmous amount of time for searching of competent staff
  • enourmous amount of timie for searching of the perfect suppliers